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Hiring a company that creates you solutions online will be a simple process.
What can make you curious is to see how everything happens.
We explain below the relationship between Client, and website, in its various phases!

Information Collection

Once all the variables have been agreed, the brand interview is carried out, which aims to collect answers that clearly and objectively identify the brand and the customer.
Website Institucional
The B.I.R. (brand identification report) that will be distributed to the team that will participate in the elaboration of the


From the interview will be created all the texts to include in the project.

Structuring and Webdesign

Based on the structuring of the


pre-defined, a

design proposal

is made, which must be approved by the customer.
Website Institucional
At this stage the client points out the corrections to be made in

structure and design

until the final layout of the


Platform Development

Once the

proposal of design and functionality

has been approved, the website

is assigned to the


department, who will start the project execution.
Website Institucional
The client will be able to monitor the work progress daily through a link provided, where the latest version of the project will be hosted at the end of each day. This monitoring allows to follow the evolution of the works creating space for suggestions and corrections practically just in time.

Platform Testing

On completion of


all corrections made and with the operating platform, it will be available to the client for 5 days for testing. After this period the project of the


will be classified as completed.
Website Institucional

Some websites we've been working on.

Show you now some

institutional website

projects in which we have worked in the most different activity sectors.

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