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Marketing Automation uses intelligent software capable of automating actions and operations of a company's communication strategy, allowing them to scale, and therefore resulting in a greater return on the various brand objectives. The vast majority of the target audience that companies intend to reach is on the internet and being aware of this, according to a study by Industry Dive carried out in 2019, until that same year about 75% of companies used at least one marketing automation tool.  So, what are the benefits of Marketing automation? Increasing of productivity With marketing automation, you will not only be increasing conversions in the various actions you choose to implement, but also increase the productivity of your workforce. This is due to the fact that having all the information updated and organized, as in the case of leads, facilitates the creation of automated communication actions and makes it easier to make decisions regarding them. Personalized communication for each persona As the title itself indicates, marketing automation allows you to create a personalized communication for each persona (portrait of one of the ideal customer profiles existing in the target audience). Based on this information, it is possible to customize various actions such as content and marketing campaigns in order to generate leads as accurately as possible, thus increasing the chances of conversion. This data is collected through Artificial intelligence (AI) tools as well as Machine Learning, such as Chatbots, which by collecting this information can learn and later make personalized decisions based on that data. Increased customer satisfaction As a result of the points mentioned above, it will be possible to obtain greater satisfaction on the customers´ part. This personalized communication allows you to reach customers ' needs and preferences faster, more efficiently and with less margin for error, resulting in them feeling unique, favoring efficiency and convenience. Recognizing the importance of marketing automation, Webhouse offers SMS Marketing services with custom fields as well as Google Ads campaigns. Learn more at: and, respectively.
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