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mobile applications

We developed native applications for the two main mobile platforms, iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) and Android. We maintain full attention to the growth of emerging platforms such as Windows Phone, WebOS or Blackberry.

Relevance of Mobile App




have taken over the world and new business opportunities have emerged every day because the capabilities offered in both systems of

Mobile Application.

The phone is nowadays much more than a telephone. It is a sanctuary of information necessary in the daily of the user and of great utility for the marks, when well used.
Aplicação Movel
Whenever the use of your content assumes high relevance to the customer,

Mobile Application



is the ideal component to ensure loyalty and meta data creation that will allow you to consolidate your brand in managing your


feedback on app móvel.

To better understand this technology, we'll give you 10 topics that explain the potential for your brand.
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Customer loyalty:

anyone who downloads your

Mobile App

you will remember your brand whenever you need something related to your services. Will be very inclined to look for you in moments of doubts, problem solving or to save time.
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Customer relationship:

by creating a bond of loyalty, the brand image will be strengthened. The user will trust the standards of the company in what it offers and will understand that it is willing to listen and be a partner of the customer when it needs its services.
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Advertise Special Offers:

make discount coupons available to anyone downloading the

Mobile Application

is a good strategy for customers to decide to download it.


of momentary promotions is also interesting to drive decisions as the client understands the recurring advantages of maintaining the

Mobile App

in your


Aplicação Movel


publicizing events promoted or hosted by your company is much easier! By enabling


the user receives on his screen a reminder of the

Mobile Application,

notifying you of the event and its details.
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Release Notification:

notify your customers firsthand of the launch of products or services. Invite them to discover the novelty in person or inform their attributes and advantages by the

Mobile App.

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Easy to get information:

offline map, hours of operation, particularities of the services, e-mail, contact telephone, among others.
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Suggestions Channel:

opportunity to improve services provided through a direct channel with the consumer, where it is possible to know the best or the worst in his experience. This credits the trust of the user in the company, since it understands the commitment of the brand with the improvement of your services.
Aplicação Movel

Shorten paths:

to obtain reservations, book visits, ask a question or even notify a possible change.
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Direct access to content:

the site blog, events photos and updates of social networks.
Aplicação Movel

Press room:

what came out in the press about you and the restricted access to what you want that come out in the press. It is a strategy to keep people within the good and bad news that needs to be communicated. Remember that transparency is essential these days.

Some Mobile Applications we've been working on.

Show you now some

mobile applications

projects in which we have worked in the most different activity sectors.

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